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A wearable art piece activated by conceptual dancers commenting on the effect of second clothes on the environment.
A conversation by bright young Africans spearheading community led innovation on green economy at scale
An exciting fun story in a game format, that tests children in upper primary grades on climate and environmental issues.
DJ Coco Em
Wearable art piece that comments on the effects industrialization specifically focusing on the impact of ‘jeans’ production.
An eye opening investigative documentary on the impact of International Industrialised fishing in West African waters and its disastrous effect on local communities.
Will define the brand of leaders we need, must demand and become, to transition the continent to an equitable green future.
The migratory period is approaching. Boubé, a young man in his thirties, risks the seasonal conflict between the Fulani herders and the farmers due to scarcity of resources.
DJ Coco Em
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