Wekesa Zablon

Business Development Lead, The Flipflopi Project



Wekesa Zablon is a regional coordinator for the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), organizer for CEC Nairobi Chapter and founded the UON Bikeshare program.
He holds a Bachelors of Arts design degree from University of Nairobi(2011). He is a designer with Circular Design Nairobi and a business development lead at the FlipFlopi Project. He also participated in the development of course materials for HNU’s-UR Masters program: CIRCULAR AGRO-ECONOMY at University of Rwanda.
He was one of the authors for an EU report on Africa’s circular economy and as a facilitator, he worked on the 2022 repair and reuse study funded by FCDO.Wekesa employs a variety of research methods to listen, understand, and evaluate in order to create actionable insights that improve products and processes for users.
He strives to empathize with the user as fully as possible, and communicate their goals, wants, needs, joys, and failings to product teams in order to create a product that truly serves the user.