Wavua Mwambonu

Storyteller, WHOLESOMELY


I like to describe myself as a storyteller who tells ordinary people stories in an extraordinary way. I believe in the power of story-telling, and everyone has a story inside them that deserves to be heard. I help organizations/businesses find unique perspectives through storytelling to amplify voices that are ignored/unhighlighted by the mainstream media.
I have always been a storyteller at heart. From writing romance novels that my classmates would line up to read during high school preps, to slam poetry, I landed on a medium I loved, which is video, where I have worked in different capacities over the past 5 years. I have a degree in Journalism and Media studies and have worked with various brands such as OXFAM, SHOFCO, FIVERR, and KHRC to help amplify their impact through compelling storytelling perspectives for their campaigns. I have also helped build a community of female creatives and come up with digital products that work to push forward the mission at Dada Trust.
Over time I am putting my entrepreneurial skills to use by also helping build digital products such as subscription newsletters, and community platforms that an organization can use to further push their mission and become sustainable. The two things I care most about are; Social impact and new media innovation. I want to experiment with using different mediums of storytelling and new media platforms to tell compelling human-interest stories to highlight important social issues and create change.