Victor Ambia

Founder and CEO, Chronicles Media Limited/Kienyejiz Brands Limited/The Backyard Pedagogical Farm


A writer, explorer, and serial entrepreneur who is the founder of chronicles media limited, a media outfit known for the campus chronicles magazine, creative lounge, and chronicles studios. Born and raised in Nairobi, he has travelled extensively in Africa in a bid to understand and solve some of the problems faced by his people and homeland.
In a bid to increase food security and to reduce the food shortage risks associated with droughts, famine, and floods, he founded the backyard a pedagogical farm that advances the knowledge towards the production of organic white meat and vegetables, including fish, rabbits, poultry, and 47 varieties of leafy greens. He is also the founder and CEO of Kienyejiz Brands, an online platform dedicated to linking organic farmers with organic food enthusiasts in Kenya.