Shaban Senyange

Wildlife Health & Conservation Media Specialist


Shaban Senyange, self-proclaimed NATURE BOY, is a Wildlife Health and Environment Specialist from Uganda.

The Award-Winning Conservation Media Specialist, paired his dedication towards wildlife conservation and passion for media to create TV show “ECO-ZONE”, that seeks to create awareness about environment and wildlife conservation through travel.
On the 5th of December 2011, Shaban won 2nd prize in the video category of the Connect4Climate Video and Photo Competition in Africa organized by the World Bank and since then he has continued to use media as an advocacy tool for conservation. Shaban uses his TV show, ECO-ZONE, to advocate for communities affected by tourism, and also profiles individuals and organizations dedicated to solving conservation challenges in Uganda. For its unique concept of merging conservation and travel – the show has been recognized at national level as the Best Tourism Program TV 2016/2017 at the Uganda Tourism Excellence Awards (10/02/2017) and its host – Shaban Senyange – as the Best Tourism Supporting Journalist 2016/2017 at the Ekkula Tourism Awards (19/02/2017).