Ruth Nazzinda

Documentary Filmmaker/Director/Writer/ Content Creator, Garage Women Foundation


Nazzinda Ruth is a Ugandan, passionate about documentary filmmaking that impacts communities, she is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, who studied film production at the University of Cape Town South Africa, Ladima Film Academy, and also studied Journalism.
Worked at Galaxy Fm Radio. Currently working at Garage Women Foundation as an Executive Director, OLa Visualz as a documentary filmmaker, mentor, film director, writer, content creator. Humanitarian founder of To Survive Foundation, Board member/advisory at Book Drive Foundation.
Ruth has worked on different projects including;
  • Mmamba an animated documentary short film 2022.
  • Out from the dark short film 2019,
  • To survive 2020
  • Beyond Schools,
  • Women Rise Up,
  • Your Generation-you inspire someone.

Films recognized in festivals,

  • award winner The African Film Festival 2021 Dallas-Texas USA,
  • UFM 2021 Germany,
  • best documentary Accra Indie Film Festival 2021,
  • Finalist United Nations SDGs Action Film Festival 2021,
  • Finalist World Food Forum 2021 Italy,
  • best original short international film Australia 2022.