Mildred Reed

Independent Filmmaker


Having worked in the TV and Film space over the last 15 years, Mkaiwawi (Mkay) Mwakaba is a seasoned film professional with a background in the post-production process. As an editor turned director / writer, Mkay has gathered experience on different story formats and genres, has a good grasp on storytelling and understanding audiences.

She has the capacity to demystify technical subjects for mass consumption, as well as ensure a seamless synergy of the different elements involved in post.

She resides in Nairobi where she collaborates with her peers on various projects. Her work is centered around women issues, children, and the African continent. She is keen on using storytelling as a tool to educate, advocate for change and to influence narratives.

Mkay holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a focus on Film & TV, with a Psychology minor. She is also an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus and Durban Talent Campus. She is also a Cinephile Fellow.

Away from work, she enjoys the arts, travel, and mentoring young filmmakers through a training program for children aged 10-16 years, teaching the basics of filmmaking.