Mihayo Kallaye

Artist, Mihayo Art Studio


Mihayo Kallaye (b. 1996, Tanzania) joined Nafasi Art Academy after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management. Through his artistic practice, he seeks to redefine his position in his society. Additionally, his scientific background, beliefs, and readings inform his creative practice. Rooted in research and experimentation, he creates works that explore ideas of environmental sustainability and post-colonial situation in Africa.

Materiality is an important element in his work, as he believes it tells something about the idea being explored. This plays an instrumental role in provoking conversations around the themes of his work. Mihayo’s work has been exhibited in the East Africa Biennale 2019; the National Museum of Tanzania 2020; Circle Art gallery, Kenya 2021; and Galerie Atelier III, Barmstedt Germany 2022. He also participated in Tuning-in Mini-lab residency at Livingstone Office of Contemporary Art (LOCA), Zambia 2021/2022.