Lydia Chelagat

Trained High School Teacher


My name is Lydia Chelagat Maswai. I have a background in Education Arts (Geography and Kiswahili)I have also studied Mass Communication. As a Geography teacher, I always incorporate and put emphasis on use of green energy.
As a teacher and trained journalist too, I wish to encourage fellow teachers to give more assignments and practical projects on green energy use. The newsrooms should also bring more positive stories on how we can switch to green energy instead of headlines about sky rocketing fuel prices.
With key focus on President William Ruto’s special mention about green energy during his inaugural speech, green energy is the new wave in Kenya. In his own words, the president said “In our country, women and men, young people, farmers, workers, and local communities suffer the consequences of climate emergency.”
President Ruto is also set to lead African in negotiations for the delivery of finance and technology to the continent to support nations dealing with the effects of climate change. Let’s use the education system and the media to reach this amazing goal.