Lulu Jemimah

 Writer, Editor and Producer from Uganda


Lulu Jemimah is a writer, editor and producer from Uganda.

She started out as a freelance journalist and after a decade, worked as a communication consultant for the International Organization for Migration on human trafficking. This is where she experimented with writing scripts for radio, screen and the stage. In 2013, this earned her a BA Media (film) scholarship from Macquarie University (Australia), where she was later shortlisted for the 2015 Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing. In 2019, she graduated from the Masters in Creative Writing program at the university of Oxford where she majored in audio storytelling.
Her goal is to tell authentic Ugandan experiences, whether it is through her podcast Realtalk256 or her work as a producer/fixer for NGO documentaries. She can be found on Twitter: or on