Laissa Malih



Laissa Malih is a Laikipian Maasai, the first female filmmaker in her community with interests in documenting, linking, amplifying and scaling up youth and women voices across diverse indigenous cultures in Kenya and the world.

She has a five-year experience as a filmmaker since the year 2017, in 2019 she assumed a position as a coordinator in a community-based organization called Maasai Cultural Heritage. She has attended various international conferences such as Community Based Adaptation (CBA), Ethiopia in 2019 and Convention on Biodiversity, Italy in 2020.

In 2020 her Documentary “RIVER OF BROWN WATERS” which became an official selection of Film Africa was screened in various film festivals in Kenya and the UK.

Laissa Malih’s goal is to continue to shed light on her peoples’ lives, livelihoods, as well as help, upscale their voices so as to help protect, and preserve their rights and culture.