Enomfon Akpan

CFO, Mango Co.


Enomfon Akpan is a graduate of History and International Studies. She has demonstrated leadership for climate change solutions in the past few months, and possesses a keen interest in research and innovation.
With her background as a graduate of History and International Studies, she has knowledge capacity for negotiation and communication skills and she possesses a strong attachment to policy analysis and the development of incentive frameworks. She is a Climate Actor and the Team Lead at GreenEco.
GreenEco is an invested community that Encourages the Planting of Trees, Sanitation, Recycling and other sustainable activities to ensure a conducive ecosystem and to promote the number 13 of the SDG. She’s enthusiastic about assisting in the restoration and recovery of the Ecosystem that has been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact and she does this through series of Community development projects.