Dina Muthama

Founder, She Moves Africa


Dina is an experienced freelance film producer , with over 15 years of creating and interacting with media content for sustainable social impact in Africa.
In the process, she has developed a deep passion in taking part in projects for social change, with a very keen interest with Women, Children and the Youth.

She has had the chance to create and ran edutainment projects, aimed for social change in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.
Among the projects are:- *Makutano Junction drama series(Kenya)
*The Know Zone (Rwanda)
*Mpeke Town (Uganda)
*Shamba Chef(Kenya)
*Hustler MBA (Kenya)

Dina continuously seeks to learn more by consulting with other professionals and her mentors, while she takes time to attend workshops and seminars.
She believes in the power of passing knowledge to upcoming story tellers -something she continuously does.
She looks forward to powerful collaborations across the globe, that can help bring the African story to life.