Gedion Munge

Climate Change Ambassador, Myff


Damaris Nyahondo grew up in a small neighbourhood in Nairobi with her mother and grandmother, her being the only child. Since 2019 I have developed a passion of being a changemaker in my community which motivated me to join a climate change organization so as to be able to help sustain SDG13 which is climate action.
Through this organization, I was able to use filmmaking and photography to advocate for climate change. Within a couple of months, I was among the selected individuals who were selected to take part in an exchange program about climate action and some of the activities that we can do so as to advocate for climate change and it was then when we started to sensitize our community on climate change and urging them to start acting on climate change and also to start placing placards and above all we did a documentary on climate change encouraging and telling people to start taking care of the environment cause some of the things we do are the ones that end up destroying our environment.