Damaris Irungu

Filmmaker, Hadithi Media


Damaris Irungu Ochieng’ is an International Emmy award winning writer (2012) for Shujaaz. She was born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya where she currently resides. Her accomplishment as a Content developer/screenwriter/ Script editor saw her successfully steer 71 TV movies of different genres for MNET’s Africa Magic Original Films project.
She wrote some of the films such as Kiberan Shakespeare, Sopi, Run Honeymooners, Die Husband Die among others. (All available on Showmax) She has also written several movies for the Nigerian market such as Matchmaker, Tough Ladies.
Since her writing passion met the screens in 2007 she’s worked on TV hit shows such as KONA, KINA, Kalasha awards winning shows Makutano Junction, Crime &Justice(S2), Jastorina, Pray&Prey, Mali, Sue and Johnnie, Africa Magic viewer’s choice awards nominated show (2016) Nyumba 10, in her capacity as screenwriter, story developer and script editor.
She’s also a Scriptwriting Facilitator at the Multi Choice Talent factory (East Africa).
In 2021 Damaris won the Kenya Women in Film Awards category for Best Film Script Writer. An alumnus of, The Development Executive Traineeship by Realness Institute and Netflix (2021), International Writers Lab (2021), Talent Durban 2019(Durban International Film Festival), and One fine day workshops.