Christie van Zyl

Creative Research Practitioner, Daai Deng Hub


Christie van Zyl is a people-oriented creative entrepreneur, with 10+ years’ experience in the multi­disciplinary arts, creative writing, civil society, and indigenous wellness industries. Her works comprise of social commentary pieces directed at the nuances of violence in language, the potency of purge through word, and the power of art as a mode of communication.
Christie is an alumnus of the South African Arts and Culture Trust’s Building Blocks Program, as well as the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Healing Science at the Mhlabuhlangene School of African Medicine.
Christie is recently featured in the WeARE! Climate Justice Campaign, a collaborative project hosted by African No Filter and CRTVE Development; Power Talks ZA, hosted by Greatmore Studios, Goethe Institute & the UCT Centre for African Cities; as well the most recent Right to Speak Poetry Passport Residency, a collaborative project between South African & Belgian poets hosted by Hear my Voice Poetry NPO, UKZN CCA, and the Embassy of Belgium.
Finally, Christie is also featured in the 2022 Right to Speak Digital Poets Catalogue, as well as the Right to Speak Anthology, both published by UKZN Press.