Benedicte Kalombo

Editorial Director, Pin Africa


Benedicte is a qualified and experienced international multimedia journalist and producer with extensive knowledge of digital audiences. Amongst other credits, the Congolese born, mother of two, has worked with various reputable media outlets such as the BBC, ITN/ITV News, Deutsche Welle Africa and The Independent, to name a few.
With ten years of experience in journalism and international media, Benedicte is devoted to elevating and celebrating African people’s achievements and other marginalized groups through visual and audio storytelling, which she executes through her digital media platform, Pin Africa and production company, Pinned Media. She’s also contributed to many narratives around women empowerment during her 5 year tenure as Digital editor at the New African Woman magazine.
Up until February 2020, Benedicte worked as a Digital Strategist at the BBC. Her roles allowed her to develop digital strategies and content engagement solutions for BBC News, Sport and World Service online. Benedicte has recently produced a new website and magazine profiling young Africans battling Covid-19 through Innovation. The website and magazine was commissioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Africa, and it was launched on 22nd September 2020, on the sideline of the UN General Assembly.
Currently, Benedicte has produced a series of short films for FIFA in 5 African countries through her media production company, Pinned Media, in preparation for the upcoming World Cup tournament in 2022.