Amos Wemanya

Power Shift Africa

Panel | Session

Energy Justice for Who?


Amos is Power Shift Africa’s Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy and Just Transition. Amos has been engaged in community climate resilience programming, environmental activism and energy consultancy for over 10 years. He works with community groups, youths, women and civil society entities training, co-creating solutions, and influencing policy shifts on issues of climate and energy, environmental sustainability and social change.

He has a Master of Science in Environmental Change and Management from University of Oxford (UK) and Climate Change and International Development from University of East Anglia (UK), and has also published papers on community engagement and participation in climate and environmental justice in East Africa.

Before joining Power Shift Africa, Amos was working with Greenpeace Africa advocating policies that ensure equitable access, protection and integrated management of natural resources. He is a board member of Sustainable Development For All-Kenya, a role that has enabled him to engage with various stakeholders, innovating low-carbon energy technologies for off-grid communities and ensuring the active participation of civil society groups and communities in just energy transition processes in Africa.