Amb. Adesoji Oluwasanya Talabi

 CEO, Fritots global communications PTY Ltd


Being born away from one’s tribe; residence and education across the geopolitical zones of Nigeria; work experience across diverse fields and a passion for a true representation of his people has been the driving forces behind Ọmọọba Adésọjí Olúwaásànyà Elijah Tàlàbí.

He worked in the capacity of an assistant band director in pioneering musical group of the Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps, garnered experiences in the financial and other corporate establishments and went through innumerable trainings within and outside Nigeria on security, information technology, cultural and cross cultural programmes.

Equipped with several qualifications, accolades and a wealth of experience; he caught the vision to represent to the world the true essence of African culture and all that it embodies, making use of every available media tool. As a result, FRITOTS GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS (PTY) LTD. was birthed in South Africa and further registered in Nigeria.

He derives pleasure from reading, traveling, making music and networking.