Abdulai Sesay

Disaster Risk Management Coordinator, Freetown City Council


Abdulai Sesay has over 3 years of experience in climate actions and disaster risk management activities. Currently, I serve as the disaster risk management coordinator for the Freetown City Council, where I focus on developing community preparedness, disaster response and helping communities adapt and recover in the event of disasters, to support Freetown’s vulnerable citizens and participate in the city’s transition towards greater sustainability.
With also a role in the “City Champion for Heat Actions” as MEAL officer for Freetown, that focuses on the effects of extreme heat and helping Freetonians adapt by implementing sustainable adaptation strategies. I hold a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) degree in Biological sciences, and passionate about protecting the environment, developing solutions for a sustainable settlement for life on earth.
Since university, I was part of an environmental club name BIOSOCIETY that develop my passion to protect life on earth. I will use the knowledge gained in the YALI program and implement at the Freetown City Council into best practices.