Abdulai Barrie

Founder & Creative Director, Creative Media Network



My name is Abdulai Barrie, founder and Creative Director of Creative Media Network registered multimedia, art, entertainment, online streaming and talent management enterprise based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. An independent storytelling platform created to foster positive change in society and craved to give voice to the voiceless and tell stories that can effect positive change in society through documentaries, short and feature length film.
In March 2018 creative media network embark on a three minute short documentary project titled ‘’FAR AWAY” which depicted the challenges to accessing water in Freetown, the documentary was nominated in the 2017-2018 Weart water4 film festival in Barcelona, Spain, also in that same year after our country was challenged by a deadly mudslide and a massive flooding we did a documentary titled “FREETOWN ON THE EDGE” which gives a visual representation of the disaster and highlighting the causes, effect and solution to disaster during the raining season, part of our work involved an interview with the Director of Disaster Management in the Office of National Security (ONS), the Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-sawyer and also footages and interviews with local people in some Disaster Prone Communities in Freetown.
In 2019 we did a short educational video on pollution titled “POLLUTION” which gives an insight into land and air pollution, in 2020 we did a short film titled “VICTIM” which tells the story of a rape victim that suffers in injustice, in the 2020 Creative Media Network started a program “ONLINE YOUTH PLATFORM” is a weekly motivational show that inspire young people in Sierra Leone to build a positive mindset, one of our edition titled “TEMPLE RUN” which tell stories of young people that have attempted to cross the Mediterranean sea and have survived, a story that we did with Hassan Yamba Sesay a young Sierra Leonean that attempted to cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe with a single instinct ”Europe or Die” and how he defied death and survived.
This story was feature in HIDDEN VOICES MAGAZINE that published both in the United Kingdom and Sierra Leone. Creative Media Network is a recognized media brand in Sierra Leone.