2022 Schedule

Thursday, September 29

Zoom opens

09:45 am (EAT)
10:05 am (EAT)Opening keynote


Recognizing this moment - Leaning into the power of community.
10:15 am (EAT)Film project

The Power of Storytelling: With Grace by Dina Mwende & Julia Dahr, Short film – Kenya

Grace, a playful girl has lived with her family as farmers in balance with nature for generations, but now climate change is threatening to destroy it all
10:30 am (EAT)


Will unpack Africa as the potential vanguard to the world's climate crisis.
11:20 am (EAT)Fashion Installation

Fashion Installation 1: ’Kiragala’ Curated by Sandra Suubi – Uganda

Wearable art piece that comments and invokes discussion on the single use plastic sonically enhanced through the song - KIRAGALA.

Comfort Break

11:25 am (EAT)
11:35 am (EAT)Film project

The Power of Storytelling: Boube of the Fulani by Félicien Assogba, Short Documentary – Benin

The migratory period is approaching. Boubé, a young man in his thirties, risks the seasonal conflict between the Fulani herders and the farmers due to scarcity of resources.
11:50 am (EAT)


Will define the brand of leaders we need, must demand and become, to transition the continent to an equitable green future.
12:45 pm (EAT)Film Project

The Power of Storytelling: The New Boats by Lansana Mansaray aka Barmmy Boy, Documentary – Sierra Leone

An eye opening investigative documentary on the impact of International Industrialised fishing in West African waters and its disastrous effect on local communities.
13:00 pm (EATFashion Installation

Fashion Installation 2: Curated by Sandra Suubi

Wearable art piece that comments on the effects industrialization specifically focusing on the impact of ‘jeans’ production.

Comfort Break

13:05 pm (EAT)
13:15 pm (EAT)Board Game

The Power of Storytelling: Downstream by Grace Kinya & Adala Studios – Kenya

An exciting fun story in a game format, that tests children in upper primary grades on climate and environmental issues.
13:45 pm (EAT)


A conversation by bright young Africans spearheading community led innovation on green economy at scale
14:25 pm (EAT)Fashion Installation

Fashion Installation 3: Curated by Sandra Suubi

A wearable art piece activated by conceptual dancers commenting on the effect of second clothes on the environment.

Closing + Networking over lunch

14:35 pm (EAT)